Deposit help

Payment notice

The minimum deposit amount is ₱100.

Payment operation process

Step 1: After logging in to the member account, click on online deposit to enter and click on "online payment"
Step 2: After entering, select the merchant that needs to pay, for example: online payment-01, online payment-02
Step 3: Enter the amount to be deposited and click "Pay Now" to jump to the page and enter the name of the payer according to the prompts (the entered name needs to be the same as the name bound to the actual payment account)
Step 4: After entering your name, you can choose your deposit method to transfer and deposit according to the prompts on the page. After selecting the method that needs to be transferred, the system will jump to the account request page, open the corresponding APP of your choice and enter the requested deposit account to pay.
Step 5: After the payment is successful, please click Confirm payment at the bottom of the page, the system will check the receipt of your payment and add it for you as soon as possible.

Payment notes

1. Please recharge according to the amount displayed on the page. If the customer’s recharge does not match the deposit amount charged by the company shown on the page, the system will not be able to automatically upload successfully.
2. Please complete the payment within the channel time limit
3. Do not submit the order repeatedly

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